ARCHIVE (WT) – Feature Film – Germany, France
A film set like a search for truth and the “right” decisions through the courtrooms of the system. And a underworld journey in the world of knowledge and facts about ourselves and the world. Who we are changes, which truth is true right now, or in the future.
Actual: developing and writing

HOTLINE (WT) – Feature Film – Kosovo, Germany, Macedonia, Albania
A young woman is stuck in the misogynistic web spun around her in a social quicksand of a country. She has to decide how deep does she sink in order to escape.
Actual: developing and writing

RAMSKIN (WT) – Feature Film – Kosovo, Germany, Albania
A film about a myth in the mountains, the arrival of “modernity”, and questions about identity created through the “other”
Actual: developing and writing

Ramskin wins script development grant from QKK (Kosovo Cinematography Center)

TABULA RASA (WT) – Feature – Germany
While researching for his PhD  into the  German Empire military missions in Ottoman Empire, Martin gets obsessed with the view  of the other, the structure and order of “progress”. Seeing  the others and  research objects in the turkish neighbor, who he starts to follow. Reality gets mixed up in his head and structures and order of the modern world takes to the battlefield with the foreign exotic chaos and fortune. Actual: developing and writing



PANOPTICUM (WT) – experimental, Germany
Experimental film about the presence and the manifestation of the power realations through the visual. A Foucaultian experimentation into the self-discipline and exploration of the material itself that creates inprints and errors as it disciplines and transforms.
Actual: developing and writing

Experimental film about the city and the reconstruction and the contingencies of the past, mixing various formats (shooting material, photos, graphic novels, animation, poetry etc) and actually in the end getting constructed in the editing room.
Actual: Researching locations



NORTH, SOUTH (WT) – Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania
An ethnographic documentary which would represent two albanian regions with their special features through their traditions, laws, customs, folklore, music, and nature around them. As different as the myths they incorporate, these regions have been at the forefront of creating albanian identity, although a very permeable and shifting one.
Actual: Developing and creating a financing strategy

A film about opression pain and trauma and the idea of repetition, of remembrance in the time of consumer reconstruction.
Actual: concept idea

“OUR” ALEXANDER – Documentary, Kosovo, Albania, Switzerland, Italy, Germany
A film about a famous actor of european theater. An artists in between nations, religions and borders, findind his solace in art, and leaving a trail through which one perceives the national discourse.
Actual: concept idea